The Power of Decisive Moments

Aug 30, 2020    Blake Lorenz

Last week we addressed the issue of Sunday. Is Sunday enough for the church? According to the stats between Christians and non-Christians, it is not. We have a need for further discipleship.
What does Jesus do in his own ministry? What is the DNA that Jesus wants to pass on? Jesus gives the answers in his decisive call: “Then He said to them: Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”--Matthew 4:19

I do not know what decisions that you as an individual will be called to make when following after Jesus. I know that many of them will be inconvenient to your own goals, life strategies, or financial success, but I cannot stress it enough that He is worth it. And who knows, maybe he is calling you to do something today, and if you listen and follow after him, we may be talking about your decisive moment 50 years from now.