Our Values

Jesus is our passion

We are united under no other name but the name of Jesus. More than any method or personal preference, we are focused on Jesus and His message.

Community is our calling

We are enthusiastic about our calling to connect with people. We make no apologies for being focused on reaching the lost. We go out of our way to create an atmosphere where others can belong, believe and be transformed.

Excellence is our standard

We are not perfect but we expect progress. Our aim is to do our best, and we lead by example. We show up on time, we are engaged and prepared. If we are going to do it, we are going to do it to the best of our abilities.

Generosity is our joy

We let our actions show generosity. We are generous with our time, talents and resources. We understand that God’s church moves forward when we lead the way in generosity.

Honor is our duty

We embrace a culture of honor. Because every person is made in the image of God, we seek to honor all. We honor leaders, and we honor the ones we lead. We honor those around us with our words and actions.

Authenticy is our aim

Because we love truth, we seek to be authentic in all that we do. Community requires intimacy, and intimacy is built on trust. In order to build God’s family, we are pursuing a community that embraces authenticity.

People are our heart

We love people. We love people when it is easy, and we love people when it is difficult. We love people because He first loved us, and it is our passionate pursuit to spread His love to the ends of the earth.

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